What's it all about?

Messy Church is a way of being church for families of all ages involving fun, creativity, hospitality and celebration. It usually happens on the first Saturday of every month at the Blairbeth building starting at 4.30pm with lots of activities and crafts based round the theme of the night, then a short time of celebration with song, prayer and story. This all finishes up with a sit-down meal together, ending at 6.30pm.

Who can come? Anyone – but children must bring a grown up with them. We have mums and dads, grannies and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and sometimes families who bring their children’s friends too – all of these combinations are just great!

The dates for Messy Church in 2020 are - Saturday 7th March, Friday 10th April [Messy Communion and lunch, starting at 11.30am], Saturday 2nd May,an outing on 6th June [watch out for details!], no Messy Church in July, a fun day in August, then 5th September, 3rd October, and the 7th November.

The flyer for the next Messy Church is here.

If you have been along to Messy Church, we'd love you to complete our questionnaire and email it back to the church office, or print it out and drop it off. You'll find it here

You can find out more about Messy Church here.

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