Normally, we meet together to worship as a family of God's people at 10.30am every Sunday morning at the Burnside building. Like all families, we have people of all ages, and all stages of Christian faith from none at all, to been a Christian for years. For the first part of the service we all worship together with songs and prayers and a short story, and then babies and primary school age children go out to their own activities at crèche and Sunday Clubs. Later in the service young people in high school years 1-4 go out for their own teaching time during the adults teaching [the sermon]. We try to all come back together again during the last song, then enjoy some tea and coffee and juice together.

We also have regular 'all age' services, where everyone worships together  as a family of God's people.

Everyone is welcome - you don't have to be a member or a church goer and or indeed have any faith at all - we'll be so pleased to see you!

On Sunday evenings we have a variety of different activities - please check the church calendart to see what's happening in the next few weeks.