At Burnside Blairbeth Church, we recognise that God is Lord and owner of all things. He freely gave us His son, Jesus Christ, and as part of our response to that immeasurable love, we respond with generous and sacrificial giving of our resources, which includes our money.

We invite offerings to three separate funds which have been created to meet our ongoing financial ministry and mission commitments.

  • The General fund, which covers the everyday finances of the church, including our contribution to the Church of Scotland, and all our property and running costs
  • The Local Mission fund, which is used to employ staff whose remit is to enable us as a congregation to reach out effectively to our community, and the costs associated with that work
  • The Missionary Partner fund, which is used exclusively to support individual people whom we support financially and in prayer for their work of mission in other countries

As members of Burnside Blairbeth Church, we promise to give a fitting proportion of our money to the work of the church. Forms for Gift Aid and for setting up a standing order are available on the Welcome Table in the Burnside building, and also in the 'log in' area of this website, or from the church office.

Our church treasurer Andrew Telfer will be delighted to answer any questions that you might have about your giving, and the members of the finance team can help [confidentially] with completion of these forms if you are unsure of what to do.

You can find our Annual Report and Financial Statement by clicking here.