Statement of Aims

As a gathering of God’s people under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to the following aims:


To worship God

As a worshipping church, we aim to make our services Christ-centred and relevant to the world in which we are set, valuing the best traditions of the past, yet open to new forms, and providing opportunity for the active participation of the congregation. At the centre of our worship is the preaching and teaching of the Word of God


To nurture and care for one another

As a caring fellowship, through the gifts God has given to each one of us, we aim to exercise responsibility for each other’s spiritual, moral and physical well-being as members of God’s family. We seek to foster a sense of belonging and mutual care, and to nurture faith in all possible ways. These include our services of worship, small groups, congregational organisations, work among children and young people, and the pastoral oversight of the ministerial team, elders and pastoral visitors. Our goal is each person “a mature member of Christ’s body”. (Colossians 1:28).


To share the gospel in word and deed with those around us

As a witnessing community, we aim to share the good news of Jesus simply, naturally, and enthusiastically with others in our neighbourhood, not only by what we say, but also by acts of service. Evangelism and mission are integral components of our life as a congregation and involve us all.


To relate our faith to the social, moral and political issues of our day

As those who believe that no part of life is outside Christ’s rule, we recognise our responsibility to apply our faith to every aspect of life, and to permeate society as salt and light.


To play our part in the mission of the church to the world

As part of the worldwide church, we aim to have a global vision. Through informed prayer, partnership and the sharing of our resources with other churches we seek to obey Christ’s command “to make disciples of all nations”.


To fulfil our responsibilities to the developing world

As part of the family of man, we aim to recognise that the needy people in the developing countries of the world are as much our neighbours as the people next door. Through aid agencies we seek to encourage a response to world needs which is informed and disciplined, remembering that Jesus said that “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”


To be good stewards of God’s creation and all material resources entrusted to our care

…To care for the environment

As stewards of God’s creation, we recognise that concern for all components of the environment is the responsibility of all Christian people. We seek to carry out all our functions and activities in a way which minimises their negative impact on the environment.

…To be sacrificial in giving

Recognising that God is Lord and owner of all things, we aim to be worthy and faithful stewards of all material resources, including money, entrusted to our care. We seek to encourage generous and sacrificial giving as a fitting response to God’s sacrificial gift to us of His son, Jesus Christ.


In stating these goals, we affirm the absolute centrality of the Bible and prayer in enabling us to fulfil the many facets of our calling as God’s people.