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Our Sunday morning service in the Burnside building is now back at 10.30am, and we look forward to welcoming you! When you arrive, you need to wear a face mask inside the building, and we'll take a note of your details for 'track and trace'. The seats are arranged with a slightly wider gap between rows, and you are welcome to chose to sit with an empty seat between you and your neighbour if you feel more comfortable doing that.

We aren't serving tea and coffee after the service yet, but you are welcome to stay and chat - with a face mask on inside the building, or without a mask in the grounds of the church.Children's and young people's activities happen as part of the service, and there is a creche available for little people under 3.

The 10.30am service will be livestreamed on YouTube You can find the YouTube link here and on our Facebook page. You can find the Facebook link here

If you'd like to follow the service, but don't know how to use either Facebook or YouTube, please contact the church office and we'll arrange for someone to help you. Recordings of the service [CD and DVD] are also being made and distributed locally for those that have no internet access - let us know if you'd like one.

Small groups of people are meeting together again to study the bible, or to pray - email us via the contact form if you'd like to join in. Groups are both in person and some on Zoom.



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Well done! We'd love if you now found us in person - come and join our church family as we worship God together on a Sunday morning at 10.30am in the Burnside building.


Live stream

We "Live stream" our Sunday morning service on YouTube.

You can watch our most recent service below or use the link to visit our YouTube channel.

Our YouTube channel

Here is the live stream of our latest Sunday morning service.